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In recruiting, quickly and effectively screening resumes is crucial for any organization. Yet, handling the high volume of applicants for each job can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for recruiters.

AI resume scanner not only analyze, extract and interpret resume information, but also generates targeted interview questions based on the resume, which helps recruiters automatically screen large volumes of resumes, thereby making the recruitment process more efficient.

Why use AI resume scanner?

🔨 Streamline the Hiring Process
With the ability to quickly process and analyze resumes, Monica accelerates candidate selection, allowing recruiters to focus on engaging with the best talent.
✊ Enhanced Candidate Insight
Automated interview question generation provides deeper insights into candidates' skills and experiences, facilitating more informed hiring decisions.
🎯 Increased Recruitment Efficiency
By automating routine tasks, recruiters can allocate more time to strategic aspects of talent acquisition and management.

3 easy steps to use resume scanner

Upload candidate’s resume in .pdf format.
AI begins analyze key information, such as skills, experiences, and qualifications instantly.
Based on the result summarized by AI, judge whether this candidate matches the job requirements.


Is it free to use the AI Resume Scanner?
Yes, you can get free quotas to use this AI Resume Scanner tool after signing up.
Is there a size limit for uploading PDFs?
Currently, Monica AI Resume Scanner only accepts pdfs with a maximum file size not exceeding 50MB.
Who will benefit from AI Resume Scanner?
Whether you're new to HR or a seasoned recruiter with a lot of experience, you can use this tool to improve your efficiency and find the right candidate quickly.
What is a Resume Scanner?
The resume scanner will quickly read the candidate's resume, and use advanced AI algorithms to summarize and analyze the content, such as summarize whether the candidate has rich work experience, to help recruiters make quick decisions.

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