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Prompt-Driven Art Creation

Discover the magic of art in Monica's navigation interface—simply describe your envisioned masterpiece in words, and Monica will interpret your vision to craft a corresponding digital artwork.


If you have specific demands for your image creation, simply click on "Options" above the input box to customize your settings. You can determine negative prompts to exclude certain elements, choose styles, adjust prompt strength (ranging from 1 to 35, with lower numbers giving the AI more creative freedom based on your prompts), and set the seed value (between 1 and 4294967295, where each number sets a unique starting grid for image generation—a tool experts use to guide the Art feature in creating images with specific styles or content). Additionally, you can specify the number of images to generate and their dimensions.

Art Setting

Creating Art with Reference Images

You can also click on the "Reference Image" button above the input field to supply Monica with a picture for reference. Below the image, the "Image Strength" slider lets you adjust how closely Monica sticks to the original, ranging from 0% for full creative freedom to 100% for strict adherence.

Reference Image

Edit the Generated Image

Click "Variations" above any image generated by Monica, and AI will tweak the details while keeping the main subject intact.


You can also click "Upscale" above the image to have the AI preserve all the content and enhance aspects such as the pixels. Be mindful that enlarged images will occupy more memory.


Click on "Use as reference" to set the image as a reference picture, then re-enter the prompt for modifications.

Use as Reference